Tiny Fox and Great Boar

Tiny Fox and Great Boar by Berenika Kolomycka is about the adventures of two friends, Tiny Fox and Great Boar, as they go through the seasons together. Tiny Fox loves his solitary life in a valley with a huge apple tree; he has everything he needs. But, when a Great Boar suddenly shows up, Tiny Fox is surprised, cautious, and then mad: now he has to share everything! The tree, the apples, and Tiny Fox’s favorite game of rolling downhill are all things that Great Boar wants, too. In a huff, Tiny Fox goes off for some private time and space, which makes him feel much better. But when he gets back to the tree and finds that Great Boar is gone, too, both animals soon realize that they miss one another, and things are better together. It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.