To Kill A Troubadour

by Martin Walker is the newest novel featuring Bruno Courrèges, chief of police of the French village St. Denis. This time, the mystery revolves around an international incident over a folk band’s music. Les Troubadours are scheduled to perform in St. Denis but their biggest hit, Song for Catalonia, runs afoul of the Spanish government and is banned for fears it will encourage the Catalan independence movement. Things escalate quickly when online Russian bots start spreading misinformation and the band starts getting death threats from extreme Spanish nationalists, some of which Bruno begins to take very seriously. Between keeping the peace and working with the Spanish authorities to find the culprits behind the threats, Bruno has his plate full, but, as always, still has time to enjoy a delicious meal with friends. Fans of the series, or of the French countryside, will delight in Bruno’s latest adventures.