Tomorrowland (PG) 120 minutes

TOMORROWLANDMovie–PG–Past Present and Future collide in this adventure story of how and why being optimistic can change the world. Young Frank Walker went to the WORLD’S FAIR in 1964, eager to go into the Hall of Inventions. There he meets Athena (Raffey Cassidy), who befriends him and gives him a small pin to wear. And that was the last time he remembers being optimistic. Enter young Casey Newton (Britt Robertson), who is "an optimist", very science-minded and clever. She is also being followed by a mysterious figure that drops a small pin into her bike helmet, a duplicate to the pin Frank received in 1964! And strange things happen whenever she touches the pin, leading her to Houston, TX, where Athena appears in time to save her, and proceeds to drive them to Pittsfield, NY to meet Frank Walker. Saving the future of Humankind? All in a days’ work!