Two Dogs

by Ian Falconer. Do you ever wonder what your pets are doing at home without you? Ian Falconer’s new book has a hilarious answer. The author of the beloved Olivia books is back with the story of two lovable, mischievous, and very bored dogs. Augie and Perry are dachshunds with long noses, floppy ears, and plenty of energy, although Augie is more serious and Perry is a goofball. Left to their own devices all day at home, they figure out how to open the door to the yard and do the things dogs dream about: swim in the pool, dig holes in the yard, and roll in a pile of raccoon poop. Will they be able to get back inside before their humans come home? Two Dogs explores the dog’s eye view of the world and Falconer’s illustrations capture their irrepressible cuteness.