The Weissensee Saga Season 1 Foreign Series (NR) 244 minutes

THE WEISSENSEE SAGA, SEASON 1 – Foreign SERIES--(NR)--This sweeping GERMAN family saga of conflicting loyalties, betrayal, love and hope, is set in 1980s East Berlin. Hans Kupfer (Uwe Kockischstars as a Stasi officer whose youngest son, Martin, falls in love with the daughter of a dissident, Dunja Hausmann. The Kupfers are powerful in the Communist system - father Hans and eldest son Falk are officers in the notorious Stasi secret service, and younger son, Martin, is a policeman. By contrast, the Hausmanns are dissidents. Mother Dunja is under surveillance as a singer, and daughter Julia has a record as being politically unreliable. But both families become fatefully intertwined when Martin falls in love with Julia, in defiance of his family's political alliances. The young couple will have to take on the world and both their families to see their love through.