The Weissenseee Saga Season 2 Foreign (NR) 295 minutes

THE WEISSENSEEE SAGA, Season 2 -Foreign SERIES--(NR)--German with English subtitles: A cold war Romeo & Juliet drama about the lives of two families in East Berlin between 1980 and 1990 as the era of communist DDR slowly comes to an end. Conflicting loyalties, betrayal, love and hope with Uwe Kockisch (Brunetti series) as Stasi officer Hans Kupfer, whose youngest son, Martin, falls in love with the daughter, Julia, of a dissident singer. Six years have passed since she was arrested for treason. Martin hasn’t seen her since, and will never forgive his brother Falk for having betrayed them. Julia’s mother, well-known singer Dunja Hausmann, is betraying her deepest convictions and working with the Stasi to alleviate her daughter’s harsh prison conditions. Hans is working behind the scenes to campaign for radical reform in the Stasi and the Party from within, and Falk’s wife, Vera, meets a pastor and gets involved in the environmental and civil rights movements.