Wildcat by Amelia Morris has been described as “Mean Girls” for adults and focuses on the friendship--and prickly falling out-- between two mothers in Los Angeles. Leanne Hazelton is a writer and a new mother, struggling to adjust to parenthood and mourning her recently deceased father, whose voice she still hears sometimes through her haze of grief. Regina Mark is the friend she made ten years ago, but whose lavish lifestyle and values have started to stray far away from Leanne’s. The spark that ignites their feud begins when Leanne attends Regina’s fourth wedding anniversary party (“But why your fourth anniversary?” Leanne thinks) and a drunk Regina exposes opinions that Leanne finds hurtful and upsetting. She finds a new friend in Maxine Hunter, an acclaimed author with an eccentric devotion to cats, and the two team up to take down Regina through social media. Highly entertaining pettiness ensues.