Winter in the Blood (NR) 98 minutes

WINTER IN THE BLOOD –-Movie--(NR)-A haunting film that is true to the lyrical and unflinching spirit of James Welch’s Classic 1974 novel of Native American life.Virgil First Raise (Chaske Spencer) wakes in a ditch on the hardscrabble plains of Montana. He stumbles home to learn that his wife Agnes (Julia Jones), has left him, and stolen his beloved rifle. Virgil sets out inebriated to find her in a quixotic, modern-day vision quest. His back-story is told in flashbacks that mix-up the present and past, living and dead. Shot in the badlands of Montana this gorgeous heartbreaker of a movie, a revisionist Western where the Indians are the Cowboys is set to a high lonesome soundtrack. Spare, emotionally intense and bleak yet beautiful as the landscape.