The Witness For the Prosecution (NR) 122 minutes

THE WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION - SERIES--(NR)--A thrilling whodunit packed with Christie’s trademark twists set in 1920’s London. When glamorous Emily French (Kim Cattrall) is brutally murdered in her home, all the evidence points to French’s young lover, Leonard Vole (Billy Howie), to whom the heiress left her fortune. Ms. French’s devoted housekeeper (Monica Dolan) proclaims Leonard’s guilt, But Leonard insists that his wife, enigmatic chorus girl Romaine (Andrea Riseborough), can prove his innocence. As the scandalous crime goes to trial, solicitor John Mayhew (Toby Jones) finds that the case may be his undoing. Played to perfection by an illustrious cast, this “absorbing and grimly atmospheric” (Wall St. Journal) drama shows that Christie still has the power.