Wolf Hall Series (NR) 360 minutes

WOLF HALL – series-NR – PBS Masterpiece. Beginning with Cardinal Wolsey’s (Jonathan Pryce) loss of position at court and Cromwell (Mark Rylance) his staunch ally, lawyer, and supporter, treading carefully at court where teeth are bared by the Duke of Norfolk, Anne Boleyn’s father and others. Cromwell is a brutal blacksmith's son who rises from the ashes of personal disaster, and deftly picks his way through a court where "man is wolf to man." Damian Lewis is King Henry VIII, obsessed with protecting the Tudor dynasty by securing his succession with a male heir to the throne. Told from Cromwell's perspective, Wolf Hall follows the complex machinations and back room dealings of this pragmatic and accomplished power broker who must serve king and country while dealing with deadly political intrigue, Henry VIII's tempestuous relationship with Anne Boleyn (Claire Foy), and the religious upheavals of the Protestant reformation.