Tutor Policy

Rowayton Library recognizes the benefit of tutoring for the students and parents of the community. As part of our educational mission, the Library permits tutoring on premises in accordance to this policy and the guidelines set forth. This policy and these guidelines are intended to provide a balance between the use of the Library by members of the community as well as by tutors and their students.

The following guidelines are to be adhered by tutors and students when using the Library or District facilities:

  • Conversations and instruction cannot be so loud as to distract or disrupt other library users.
  • Tutors are responsible for the behavior of their clients.
  • All tutoring must take place in the Library Children’s Room or in the designated Sixth Taxing District meeting rooms, if available.
  • Library space is not to be used as a classroom or place of business for tutors to work from but as a safe, quiet and available workspace.
  • Tables and rooms may not be reserved and are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • It is preferred that the parent or guardian remain in the Library while a student under the age of twelve (12) is being tutored.
  • Tutors are expected to restrict their use of space to an acceptable minimum and observe all Library regulations.
  • Personal property and materials of both tutor and student, and use of space, may not interfere with another library user’s access to the Library.
  • Tutors will be limited to instructing a maximum of two (2) students at a time.
  • Tutors and their students are required to abide by the Library’s Code of Conduct, which can be viewed online at rowayton.org/about-us/library-policies.
  • Tutors and students must bring their own supplies, including paper, pens, pencils and all other additional items.
  • No exchange of money or funds can take place between a student, parent or guardian and a tutor in the Library.
  • Tutors may not solicit patrons or advertise services in the Library.
  • Library staff is happy to assist tutors and their students as they assist any patron of the Library, but the Library staff must be available to all users who come into the Library for help and may not be relied upon to deliver messages, or to find a tutor.

Any patron who fails to comply with the above provisions of the Tutoring Policy may be asked to leave the library immediately. Continued non-compliance or excessive violations may result in additional restrictions or the loss of Rowayton Library privileges. Behavior that is illegal or threatens the safety of other patrons, staff or volunteers will result in assistance from the police.

Adopted by the Rowayton Library Board of Trustees on February 24, 2020