Fangirl Down

by Tessa Bailey is a steamy sports-related rom com that pairs a talented but struggling golfer with his biggest fan. Wells Whitaker’s once-promising career has hit a slump and everyone has started to give up on him, except for the redhead who keeps showing up to cheer for him when he plays, even when he’s off his game. Josephine Doyle still believes in Wells’s abilities--and finds him super hot--but when he calls it quits, she begins to question her fandom. But Wells surprises her with an offer for her to become his new caddie and help him turn his game around, an offer that coincides with some big changes in both Josephine’s personal and professional life. It’s a gamble for both of them, but they decide to give it a try. Will the risk pay off? Or will their growing personal relationship get in the way? Author Tessa Bailey was a featured speaker at a virtual event the library hosted back in February--you can watch her talk about Fangirl Down and her writing process here: