Sky's End

Sky’s End by Marc J. Gregson is an action-packed sci-fi adventure that blends a Hunger Games-style dystopian universe with hints of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.Sixteen-year-old Conrad was born into the rigid class system on the island of Holmstead as an upper-status High, the son of the Archduke. When his uncle kills his father and usurps his position, Conrad is exiled under the rule of Meritocracy to live as a Low, the very bottom of the social hierarchy. When his ailing mother dies as well, Conrad’s uncle kidnaps his sister, Ella, endangering Conrad’s one surviving relative. To reunite with her, Conrad has to submit to the Selection, the only way that anyone can rise through the ranks of society. He’s chosen as a Hunter, the most dangerous of all the Twelve Trades, and must not only battle his murderous uncle, but also the horrible sky serpents that Hunters are charged with fighting. Plus, there’s mutiny and rebellion afoot in the lower ranks of society, and the combination of political intrigue and fantasy action keeps this series debut full of suspense.