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Library Card Application

With a Rowayton Library card, you can check out materials in the library such as books, audiobooks, and movies and use it for digital downloads online via some of our incredible databases and other services for homework, informational, and all other needs.

Fill out our online form here and we will mail you a card that won’t expire for 3 years as well as instructional materials on the use of the databases and services.

You can also use the card at other Connecticut public libraries that you may frequent. Please note that we can only issue you a Rowayton Library card if you are a resident of Rowayton or if you are a student in Norwalk.

Already have a library card from the city or town you live in? Bring that card to the library and we can add your card into our system so that you can have access to all of our databases and materials.


The Honorable Woman

A suspenseful, gripping political-spy thriller with Maggie Gyllenhaal in the starring role. Set in a British philanthropic group that seeks to bring the middle east forward toward peace by providing computer cable networks and schools to the Palestinian borders. But with the mix of spy networks, distrust, manipulations, lies, truth and everything and everyone mixed in together, who can be trusted? Who is straightforward? Or is no one? It may seem that everyone lies or twists the truth, and that subterfuge does rule. How can one be honorable, or better yet, what is honorable? This is a great series!

Last Tango in Halifax Series 1&2

This is a story of two families who’s two grandparents rediscover one another after fifty years apart. Having begun to form affection at 15, they were parted by a relocation. Independently getting help from their grandkids to set up their facebook account, they find one another online and begin writing regularly leading to the eventual meeting for coffee. By the end of the day spent together in a series of misadventures, they decide to get married! How will the two disparated families cope? Big city, public school on one side and sheep farming on the other-psychological messes divorce, dating, and lifestyle choices galore to mix-up and make the story even merrier. This series is set in Novia Scotia.

Mr. & Mrs. Murder

Austrailian Toxic Cleaners, who arrive post murder scene, are called in or recommended by the police department. Fun-loving and flirtatious couple Nicola (Kat Stewart, from Offspring) and Charlie Buchanan (Shaun Micallef, from Full Frontal) love their business and each other and find that closing the cases comes just as naturally as cleaning them up. Nicola’s intuition and Charlie’s head for arcane facts make them the perfect crime-solving team and often helped by their straightlaced niece, Jess. Fun, silly, and if you liked the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, you may well enjoy this one as well.


This gripping and bloody series continues. Earl Ragnar Lothbrok deals with struggles within the family, his brother Rollo, and his warrior’s wife, Lagertha and external struggles with King Horik who needs yet despises Ragnar’s savvy, strength and leadership. Now that Ragnar is earl he faces the deepening of conflicts and subterfuge of others. Horik undermines Ragnar’s negotiations in the west with King Ecbert, while there are attacks upon Kattegat happening back at home by Jarl Borg. Loyalty seems almost a fluid commodity, both among warriors and in religion. When Athelstan is captured by the English King, Ecbert, he finds himself questioning Christianity vs. Valhalla. Lokki becomes disenchanted and resentful of Ragnar and begins to ally himself with Horik. During the four year alliances, shifting in all directions, Bjorn becomes a young warrior, and battles ensue, both at home and abroad.


A Masterpiece mysteries set in a London hospital in 1961 when Britain was on the brink of cultural revolution. Otto Powell (Jack Davenport, from Smash and Coupling) is a brilliant and charismatic surgeon, who believes he can make a difference in womens lives. His marriage to the elegant Elizabeth (Natasha Little, from Any Human Heart) appears to be idyllic, but they are hiding a devastating secret which could shatter the careful illusion they have created.

Silent Witness

A British crime drama series, starring Amanda Burton, is an outstanding British mystery television series, produced by the British Broadcasting Company in association with the American Arts and Entertainment Network. It was an original creation by Nigel McCrery, who also wrote some of the strongest episodes about a woman forensic pathologist, working closely with the police department, but maintaining her strict beliefs in the trail of evidence especially regarding the deceased body. It’s filmed on location in Cambridge, and Cambridgeshire. The posturing between law and order and politics and personalities works as a good counterpoint with the murder suspects’ sociopathologies.

Stories We Tell (PG-13) (Documentary) 108 minutes

In this inspired new film Oscar-nominated writer/director, Sarah Polley, discovers that the truth depends on who’s telling it. Polley is both filmaker and detective as she investigates the secrets kept by the a family of storytellers. She playfully interviews and interrogates a cast of varying reliability, eliciting refreshingly candid, yet mostly contradictory, answers to the same questions, as each relates their version of the family story.

The Grand Seduction (PG-13) 113 minutes

This movie is set in a Novia Scotia fishing village, this comedy is about a town with no jobs, families moving to the mainland for work, and a zany attempt to lure big business. The Company insists that to be considered for their factory, the town must have a full time doctor. Tricking a young doctor to work at the town for a month, the townsfolk begin simple and elaborate deceits to convince the young man to stay in their isolated town. This is an English remake of a French film of the same name.

Heaven is For Real (PG) 99 minutes

This family movie is based on the real events that happened to the Burpo family several years ago and written about in the book of the same name. When four year old Colton is in the operating room, he experiences an out-of-body episode, sees his dad and his mom in separate rooms and then finds himself in his dad’s church. There he sees angels singing to him and meets Jesus Christ who takes Colton to heaven. After he recovers and returns home, his casual mentions of these events cause his dad, the preacher at the local church, and
many townspeople to question their faith. A moving and appealing story told in a simple straight forward manner. You may find you are asking some questions or looking for some answers yourself.

Sweetwater (R) 95 minutes

Sheriff, Ed Harris and homesteader January Jones, are only part of a small star cast and very well acted film set in a realistically depicted old southwest. This is a 2013 Sundance film festival selection directed by Logan and Noah Miller, about religious intolerance, racial persecution, and total vengeance. Tough subjects, are handled here with some comedic elements that add whimsy to what would otherwise be an overall dark story.

Blended (PG-13) 117 minutes

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are together again! This story is about two single parents who mix like oil and water. Yet here they are, in Africa for spring break, with his three girls, and her two boys, sharing a safari and a hotel suite! Silly situations, beautiful scenery, wild animals and wild laughs, what more could you want?