'Twas the Bite Before Christmas

‘Twas the Bite Before Christmas by David Rosenfelt features lawyer Andy Carpenter trying to solve a mystery involving his beloved dog rescue charity. The Tara Foundation is having its annual Christmas party, a party Andy loves because every dog who has ever been through the rescue organization is invited with their families. But this year, the festivities are interrupted by the arrest of Derek Moore, one of the foundation’s best volunteers, for murder. It turns out Derek, whose real name is Bobby, used to be in a gang and is accused of killing someone from his past. But Bobby insists that he’s innocent and that he’s turned his life around and devoted it to fostering dogs. Andy’s reluctant to get involved, especially since he’s got two new foster dogs at home, but his belief in Bobby’s innocence wins out. Can he save his client and find time to relax for the holiday? (Holiday)