Bank and Identity Protection

Resources provided by Fairfield County Bank is the official Consumer Credit Reporting Industry website to stop or start receiving offers of credit and/or insurance. is "the only source for your free credit reports" authorized by Federal law.

Hiya is an excellent app for cellular phones that automatically scam and spam calls. will help you to clean up your mailbox (both paper mail and e-mail) so that you can start getting the mail you want and stop getting the mail you don't.

The only way to truly prevent ID Theft proactively is to research the Credit Security Freeze at any one of the 3  major credit bureau sites:
- Experian
- Equifax
- TransUnion is a site where you are able to check if your email account has been hacked. is an internet site safety rating tool that enables you to check if a website is safe before you reach it. allows you to research the legitimacy of charities that you are considering making or have been asked to make a donation to. is a BBB site that allows you to look at reports of specific charities before any donations are made.