Annual Fund Donors 2023-24


The 1903 Society ($1,000+)

Kara Bonitatibus and Rick Sharma
The Brewer Family Foundation
Neil and Sandra DeFeo Family Foundation
Ruth Freeman
John and Mary Gerster
The Dave Hokin Foundation
The Grace Jones Richardson Testamentary Trust
Sylvia Stuart
Andrew Vineyard

Five Mile River Landing Society ($500+)

The Bast-Ingrassia Family
Helen and Michael Firriolo
The Gottlieb Family
Linda and Geoff Kieburtz
Neal and Catherine Konstantin
Christine and John Love
Susan Luchars
The Shaak Family
Stephen Sinacore
Theodore and Regina Storb

Oysterman’s Row Society ($250+)

James Boothby
Lynne Burgess
Charlotte Burton
Evan Coleman
Laura Cramer and Stephen Petricone
Gene and Chris Cronin
Margot Draycott
Katharine Ercklentz
The Hahn Family
Craig Hauenstein and Phyllis Padro
Laurie and Britton Jones
Spencer and Griffin Kiely
Molly Kopcsay
Gary and Kathy Leeds
Dennis Leibowitz
Joyce Meurer
Peggy Minnis
Sevia Phillips and John Ward
Ann Purcell
Christie Ranges
Mark Schonberger and Nadine Shaoul
John and Lynn Sheppard
Karen Simpson
Bradley Smith
Richard H. Walker

Rowayton Depot Society (to $249)

Anonymous (3)
Theresa Atkin and Dirk Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Bain Jr.
Saithong Ballapavanich
Juan Barragan
Mary Ellen Barrelle
Paul and Helene Bartilucci
Dr. Caryn Bienstock
Ellen Bieber
Kirk and Laura Bowman
Karl Brautigam
Lewis C. Brown
Joan Brusven
Perry and Diane Caminis
Pamela Clark
Kathleen Conway
The Craft Family
Emily and Bob Crawford
Barbara Currie and Carl Westhelle
Katherine and Paul Curtin
Asher Danburg
Linda and Frank DeLuca
Laura Di Gioia
Joan Diamandis
Dylan Distasio
Susan Dixon
Bettina and Peter Drummond-Hay
Susan Edwards
The Erdmanns
Robert Eydt
Julia Fair
James L. Falsey
Avery Flowers
Betsy Fowler
Rob Frazier
Ruth M. Freeman
John Thomas Fucigna
Robert W. Gadsden
Heather Gaines
Patrick and Charlotte Gannon
Julie Garfunkel
Celia George
Wouter Goedkoop
Jane and Walt Graham
Andrea and Stephen Gravereaux
Jennifer Haight
Jill Hanau
Elizabeth Harleman
Doug and Denise Harned
Deborah Hastings
Flemming and Judy Heilmann
Greg and Lauren Henry
Betsy Herold
Bryan and Carol Hooper
Isabelle Hunter
Karen Hurley
Peter J. F. Hussey
Mark Hyland
Nicole, Rick, and Sasha Intile
Frank and Cheryl Izzo
Lawrence and Marianne Jean
Allan Johnson
Maryann and Bardwell Jones
Mary Keating
Janice Kelly
Mary Jane Kennedy
Gil and Kim Kernan
Robert Kettenmann and Marilyn Wiles-Kettenmann
Susan C. Kipp
Margo Kirby
Allen Kolkowitz
Criss Dawes Kuchta
Elisabeth Lahaussois
Tammy Langalis
Lilly Langotsky
Joseph Lazaroff
Tammis Lazarus
Nancy Smith Lione
Jean Foster Lippincott
Tom and Wendell Livingston
Floret and Harry Lyew
Michael S. Madigan
Walter and Lynn Maginnis
George Mandler
Jennifer Manley
Rob and Laura Manning
Albert and Marina Markov
Gillian Marshall
John and Julia Massengill
Betsy and Bob McGroarty
Dale Meck
Erica Merrill
The Meserole Family
The Mettler Family
Marush Mikulas
Douglas and Allison Milne
Jane Hogarth Minnis
Lynn Moloney
Kathleen Moore-Cole
Kevin and Rita Nicholas
Fran O'Connor
Letitia Pallone
Jane Pataki
Carl and Kathy Perman
Jurgen Peters
Frank Phillips
Ginny Pittman
Marcia Powell
Karen and Claude Priolet
Pamela Park Proctor
Richard Puccio
Jack and Lori Raymond
Jane Ready
Terry and Ron Robinson
Thomas Robinson
Joseph Rogers
Marty and Joze Roth
Eunice Roy
Margaret Ruhnke
David Schlakman
Frederick Schweizer
Kajsa and Philip Sheibley
Margaret Sherman
Kevin Shippy
David and Lissa Short
Robert and Genevieve Stidolph
Frani and Bucky Taylor
Kevin Tepas
Albert Teplica
Tom and Kelley Throop
Janet Turiel
Anne van Geldern
Richard and Joanne Van Steen
Hadley Veeder
Bob and Jo Vietro
Megan Wagner
Carol Wakeman
Stevenson and Sandra Ward
John Watt
Ms. Terry A. Wettergreen
David and Myra Wilson
William Wilson
Kathleen Hagerty Witthaut
Stephanie Bowling Zeigler
José Luis and Sarah Zepeda