Staff and Board

Library Staff

Library Director: Melissa Yurechko
Library Assistant: Christina Anzalone
Office Manager: Sue Casey
Library Collection Development Associate: Ruth Freeman
Library Circulation Associate: Mary Lincoln
Library Circulation Assistant: Christina Anzalone
Technology Program Instructor: Aaron Wood
Library Intern: Olivia Fassett
Library Intern: Madison Froelich
Library Communications Associate: Krista Roy

Library Board

The Association of the Free Library and Reading Room of Rowayton is governed by a board of trustees, serving terms of three years. New Trustees are elected each year at the Association's Annual Meeting.
Catherine Konstantin, Co-President
Geoff Kieburtz, Co-President
Yves Berliet, Treasurer
Karin Howells, Secretary
Jeanne Craig, Trustee
Gina Ely, Trustee
Leslie Kelly, Trustee
Susan Luchars, Trustee
Cecelia McCall, Trustee
Charles Sahlia, Trustee
Roger Smith, Trustee
Teri Vineyard, Trustee

All correspondence to the Board of Trustees can be sent to:
Rowayton Library Board of Trustees
Rowayton Library
33 Highland Avenue
Rowayton, CT 06853