Bing, Bop, Bam Time to Jam

Bing, Bop, Bam Time to Jam! and Ride, Roll, Run Time for Fun! written by Valerie Bolling, illustrated by Sabrena Khadija. Both of these books celebrate the joy of sound and movement in a wonderful read-aloud experience! Bing, Bop, Bam shows the joy of sharing music with a community and features a wide array of instruments from cultures all over the world, like agogô, banjo, daegeum, djembe drums, double bass, erhu, maracas, piano, steel drums, and trumpet. Ride, Roll, Run shows the fun of all different types of movement as children cement their friendships by playing through a diverse and cohesive neighborhood. Bolling’s upbeat words and Khadija’s colorful images create a vibrant reading experience. And, as an added bonus, come meet author Valerie Bolling at the Rowayton Library on Monday, January 8 at 4 p.m.!