Classics Book Club
7:00 p.m.
Rowayton Library and Zoom

What makes a book a “classic”? The writer Italo Calvino defined them this way: "A classic is a book which has never exhausted all it has to say to its readers." In that spirit, the Classics Book Club reads and discusses novels that have become beloved over the years, whether they're well-known staples or under-the-radar gems. We’ll read one classic or modern classic book every other month and engage in a lively discussion about the text. If you’re looking for an excuse to read a few classic books you’ve never gotten around to, or eager to reread a book with a fresh perspective, join us in person at the Library or online from home!

This month, we’ll be reading a spooky classic: We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson. A Gothic tale of buried family secrets, the book tells the story of the Blackwood family, or what’s left it. Mary Katherine Blackwood, her sister Constance, and her uncle Julian are the sole survivors of a murder spree that killed the rest of the family. Since that tragedy, the three of them have been holed up in their crumbling Vermont home, as wary of outsiders as the local villagers are of them. Yet the mysterious Blackwoods seem content with their isolation, until the arrival of a stranger throws the family’s bizarre world into chaos. The teenage Mary Katherine, or Merricat, is a spectacular narrator and the 1962 novel, with its witchy horror and creeping suspense, is the perfect companion for a chilly fall evening.

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