Cookbook Book Club
Tuesday, February 27, 2024
6:30 p.m.
Rowayton Library

Enjoy trying out new dishes?
Interested in sharing tips on how to tweak a recipe?
Want to swap cooking or baking suggestions over a delicious meal?
then this Book Club is for you!

Each season, we will hold a session where participants select recipes from a few chosen cookbooks in the library's collection.

Then, make the dishes to bring to the library for a potluck dinner full of wonderful culinary delights, both savory and sweet.

This session, we welcome all participants to join us for another evening of having some fun with Ruth and Kerry and maybe learning a trick or two in the kitchen! It may be February, but we can all brighten up our go to winter dishes and bakes with new, sparky flavors. We'll also find out what signature cocktail recipe Kerry has for us this winter!

The cookbooks selected for this session include:

  • AtoZ World Food recipes (
  • The Flavor Equation: The Science of Great Cooking Explained + More Than 100 Essential Recipes by Nik Sharma is not new but a revisit showed why it quickly became a classic. Flavor optimization is the core of a great dish and Sharma’s imaginative, accessible recipes will show you how to deliver on that promise.
  • Food52 recipes (
  • Milk Street: Tuesday Nights Mediterranean by Christopher Kimball broadens the definition of Mediterranean cuisine to include all the countries “from Gibraltar to Lebanon”. There are no time consuming and complicated techniques - what is in abundance is fresh ideas and tastes.
  • The New Essentials Cookbook: A Modern Guide to Better Cooking by America's Test Kitchen takes a fresh look at some classics, loads up on super helpful hints via the Think Like a Cook sidebars, and last but certainly not least will teach you how to be an Avocado Whisperer.
  • Snacking Bakes by Yossy Arefi is accurately subtitled “simple recipes for cookies, bars, brownies and more”. This book is fun to explore, packed with (one bowl!) sweet and savory bakes.
  • Zingerman's Bakehouse Celebrate Every Day is a treasure house of recipes for all occasions. The soups are scrumptious, the Chicago deep dish pizza had our name on it, and every beautifully photographed dish presents a temptation. Excellent instructions put executing the recipes within reach.

What you need to do:

  • Register here.
  • Come to the library and select a recipe and let us know which one you will bring to the potluck. Participants may make free copies of their chosen recipe at the library.
  • Bring your dish and a copy of your recipe (annotated, if applicable) on the evening of the event. We can reheat in a microwave, but please have food table-ready and bring the appropriate serving utensil.

We will supply liquid refreshments and paper supplies.

Questions? Contact the library at

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