The Curse of Penryth Hall

by Jess Armstrong is the perfect mystery to curl up indoors with on a cold winter’s night. In the years just after World War I, American heiress Ruby Vaughan has made a comfortable life for herself, living in Exeter, and running a rare bookshop alongside her quaint elderly business partner. When she’s sent to bring a box of books to a mysterious folk healer in Cornwall, the journey brings her back to Penryth Hall, the spooky Cornish estate where Ruby’s former best friend Tamsyn, lives with her husband, Sir Edward Chenowyth. When Penryth’s bells ring for the first time in three decades and Sir Edward is found dead, the village begins to whisper about an ancient curse coming back to haunt the inhabitants of Penryth Hall. Ruby, well aware that she should stay far away from talk of curses and murder, can’t help herself because she fears that Tamsyn may be the curses--or the murderer’s--next victim.