Witch Hat Atelier

Witch Hat Atelier by Kamome Shirahama is a gorgeously illustrated manga series about a young girl and her quest to gain magical abilities. Coco is the daughter of a dressmaker and was not born with any magical powers. In a world where dragons, spells and other supernatural wonders are commonplace and magical knowledge is carefully guarded, Coco longs to become a witch. Her goal seems impossible--until she meets Qifrey, an enigmatic magician who performs magic unlike any Coco has encountered before, using ancient runes to cast a spell. When Coco accidentally uses similar means to cast a spell turning her mother to stone, Qifrey suspects that a dark coven of witches may be practicing a more sinister form of magic through Coco. But it also means that Qifrey takes on Coco as his apprentice to help her learn to undo the spell, and her magical adventure begins.